And some of the donors seem to have adopted Trump’s tone on his opponents.

“I think Trump has the best chance of winning, and I only back winners,” Braunstein said. He liked Marco Rubio and others, but asked himself, “why would I spend my money on a loser?”

Many who spoke with AP said they could do without some of Trump’s incendiary rhetoric but didn’t hold that against him.

“I love the Trump ideas,” Gamble said. “The way he delivers that message is terrible.”

Zieve, an engineer who said he conducts business around the world and is a longtime Republican Party donor, said he’s “not proud of some the silly stuff he’s said.” He cited Trump’s recent assertion that if abortions are outlawed, the women who have them should be punished (Trump quickly walked that back).

“Sometimes I wish he would put a zipper on it,” Zieve said.