Now, I understand why you love that Trump tells off people that you despise, which is why you defended Trump’s awful remarks about John McCain not being a war hero because he was a POW, or when Trump gave out Lindsay “Grahamnesty’s” cell phone number- you howled with joy.

But all of sudden, your demands for a conservative candidate were dropped as your infatuation with Donald Trump grew larger. You don’t seem to care that Trump has been pro-choice, has opposed the Iraq War, called for a 14.25 percent tax on the rich, supports National Health Insurance, and supported a ban on assault weapons. The same Trump who donated to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The same Trump who voted for Barack Obama!
None of that seems to matter, as you have become so enamored with Trump’s immigration proposal to build a wall and deport 5 million people! All other conservative principals be damned!
You went all in for your golfing buddy!
The day after Carly Fiorina landed a punch on Trump at the debate, you claimed Fiorina, who has never been in elective office, was the establishment’s candidate to stop Trump. When Megyn Kelly asked Trump a tough direct question, you criticized her and FOX NEWS for ‘being part of the establishment,’ who are trying to show Democrats that they can be fair and balanced.