But rather than immediately build a fund-raising campaign or “money bomb,” or even try to get supporters to sign a petition or other email gathering operation, the Christie campaign instead chose to try and build on the moment and make it last. They turned to the medium that started it all — Facebook — and began engaging.

“There is no scientific formula to what makes something viral, and this video is no different,” said Lauren Fritts, the digital director of the Christie campaign. “Focusing on engagement, we made sure to use the governor’s Facebook page with people commenting on the video both on The Huffington Post page and our page.”

Through his account, Mr. Christie replied to commenters on the original post, like a virtual version of the town hall-style events he prides himself on…

The campaign did not completely ignore the possibility of growing through a viral moment; they also bought search ads related to the video, but driving people to the campaign’s issues page, not a fund-raising module.