Too bad we can’t rely on the GOP caucus to stand united in opposition to Hillary and to refuse to confirm any of her goose-stepping appointees. We already saw Lindsey Graham and the Goo Goo Gang slobber over Sotomayor and Kagen and refuse to block them because…well, apparently we are morally obligated to sign off on anyone that the hack du jour at 1600 Pennsylvania chooses to select. This rule would certainly be news to Justice Bork.

The gutless GOP Senate’s abdication led to another triumph when the Department of Justice dropped the news that it would fail to prosecute yet another Obama administration felon, Lois Lerner. Thanks to Lindsey for confirming Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. You probably wonder why Trump is owning the main debate stage while you get relegated to arguing with Rick Santorum at the kiddie table. Well, it’s because you are terrible. Trump is all the fault of wussy Republicans like you.

What a pathetic state of affairs. The GOP is so full of losers that Donald Trump is a better choice than about half the GOP candidates. And the Democrats are worse – they have come out as actively anti-American adherents of an ideology that murdered 100 million people. I’m sure Hillary’s gulags would be “yuge,” but they would be neither “fabulous” nor “classy.”