The poll, of 1,515 likely primary and caucus voters, found overwhelming GOP approval of George W. Bush. In Iowa, 54 percent strongly agreed with the “kept us safe” statement, while another 31 percent agreed, but not strongly — for a total of 85 percent agreement. Seven percent strongly disagreed that G.W. Bush kept us safe, and another five percent disagreed, but not strongly — for a total of 12 percent disagreement.

In New Hampshire, the Bush pollsters found that 76 percent of GOP voters agreed with “kept us safe,” while 21 percent disagreed, and in South Carolina, 77 percent agreed with “kept us safe,” while 20 percent disagreed.

While it is interesting to note that in two key states one-fifth of the most loyal Republicans do not believe George W. Bush kept the nation safe, in the big picture, Jeb Bush found decisive GOP early-state support for his argument. And he stuck with it.