I’m never quite sure why it is that people on the left are scared to death of orthodox Christians, but think that orthodox Muslims are the bee’s knees. I suppose the answer is “multiculturalism.” Or just outright bigotry.

Because exactly how well would a traditional, orthodox Muslim in the White House match up with progressive politics? And I don’t mean some guy from the Taliban, but rather, say, your average, man-on-the-street from Saudi Arabia. Or Iran. Or Yemen. Would a Muslim who’s committed to sharia be good on gay rights? How about abortion? How about the war on women?

Here, for instance, is just a random vignette from Saudi Arabia this week, where a 21-year-old activist is scheduled to be beheaded—and then crucified—for “anti-God” activities. This isn’t extra-legal terrorism we’re talking about. This isn’t “all Muslims are terrorist monsters.” It’s simply window into what life can look like under a reasonably strict Muslim regime.