I also don’t care for her tough John Wayne imitation. It’s not convincing. “Having met Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t talk to him at all,” she said. Really? Did the meeting not go very well? Would she care to tell us more about it?

Trump, on the other hand, said he’d first try to work things out with Putin. If he couldn’t, well he’d “probably have to take a different path.” But first he’d talk. You see, Trump believes that if you are respected as a leader you have an advantage. And unlike Obama, he’d be respected. So who sounds like a blusterer here — Fiorina or Trump?

There are other things about Fiorina I don’t like. Her answer to what woman she’d like to see on U.S. currency, for example. She responded like a smarmy librarian with a lecture about why we don’t need a woman on our currency. That was a non sequitur, designed to show she was above playing the gender card. Only she’d already played it when she couldn’t wait to tweet her feminine solidarity with Megan Kelly. She was the first Republican to support the liberal media’s “blood libel” against Trump.

I preferred Trump’s nomination of his daughter, Ivanka, who was sitting in the audience. As a mother, it rang true to me. He openly expressed his love and admiration for her. A father doesn’t need to be objective.