In the upcoming fight Cruz is leading to defund Planned Parenthood and the Iran deal, has anything changed from his last major battle, the defund Obamcare fight in 2013? Cruz frequently noted to the gathered journalists Thursday that what followed a year after the protracted but unsuccessful shutdown fight was a massive landslide victory for Republicans. “I’d certainly take another historic, massive victory for Republicans in 2016 if we actually stood up and stood for something,” he said. 

The problem in 2013, he said, was Republican Senate leadership going after House Republicans in an attempt to delegitimize the defund side of the debate.  Cruz calls that a “miscalculation” on his part.

“We assumed leadership would quietly grumble but would vote with us and would  simply surreptitiously try to knock off votes off somewhere. That had been their pattern on previous fights,” he said. “We did not anticipate they would publicly, aggressively, vigorously lead the fight against House Republicans.”

Is there any reason to think this time, Republicans leadership will go along with Cruz and his allies? “Right now? No,” he said. “No! Senate Republican leadership has preemptively surrendered. So if that doesn’t change, no, they will lead the fight against us. I’m urging them to change that.”