If the media treated him unfairly, Trump let them know. And they’d inevitably cave, as Fox News’ Roger Ailes did after the Rich Lowry fiasco on the Kelly File. Trump has once again been invited to meet with Fox executives to discuss his grievances with them. Unheard of!

So imagine you are the media, and you’ve just been stripped of any power you thought you had. You knew you weren’t as rich or as talented or as powerful as many of the folks you encountered in the course of your work. But at least they needed you from time to time. Despite their glamour, you were their link to the American people, and so they’d curry favor with you. And now all of that has been taken away, and you see yourself as the middle class, talentless, powerless jerks that you really are. You’re the naked emperor, the wizard of Oz when the curtain comes down.

You’ve been castrated—fully and completely—and you can’t deal with it. So you project it onto the person who’s done this to you. Onto Donald Trump. And then, because you are weak, you hide behind a woman’s skirts. You look to Carly Fiorina to salvage your self-respect. In psychological terms, she becomes the nourishing mother who makes you feel that Trump is not invincible. She becomes the castrating mother who relieves Trump of his testicles.