Republicans have had an exciting summer fling with Donald Trump, and are about to embark on a fall romance with Ben Carson. It will be little delicate to unwind those relationships. But it will happen, I believe—probably sooner rather than later (I’d bet against either Trump or Carson winning a primary).

When it comes down to selecting a nominee, the GOP finalists are likely to come from a group encompassing Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush. One is a former CEO of a major high-tech company; two are impressive young senators from big states (Texas and Florida); three are governors, and one a former governor, who won election and re-election in major states that Barack Obama carried. It’s a reasonable field. All that has to happen to produce a good nominee is that one of the qualified candidates rises to the occasion.

So the Republicans face a few months of turmoil and recriminations.

The Democrats have a much more unpleasant prospect.