She was the featured speaker at the Republican National Committee summer meeting in Cleveland last month. She engaged in a question-and-answer session before the attendees with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, recounting the steps that led to the flag’s removal.

“If we can do that in South Carolina, just think what we can do across our country,” she said at the RNC meeting.

She impressed the Cleveland audience. Ada Fisher, an RNC member from North Carolina, called Haley “a beautiful woman.” Juliana Bergeron, an RNC member from New Hampshire, said Haley “stepped up on the Confederate flag. She didn’t wait until people told her to do something.”

Haley checks several boxes that Republicans would like to consider when crafting a presidential ticket: Southerner, minority, woman, conservative.

Add to that “the independence she showed,” said Solomon Yue, an RNC member from Oregon. “Republicans need to realize she did the right thing.”