According to WEEKLY STANDARD sources, Drumheller was active in shaping the network’s Benghazi coverage. His role at the network raises questions about what went wrong with the retracted 60 Minutes report on Benghazi that aired in October 2013. Despite his former life as a high ranking CIA official, Drumheller was laden with political baggage, making him a curious choice to be consulting with a major news operation—especially so given that he was working directly with Sidney Blumenthal, whose primary occupation appears to be manipulating media coverage on behalf of the Clintons.

CBS does not deny that Drumheller was working with the network, though a CBS spokesman would only say, “Tyler Drumheller was not involved in any way on the Benghazi story.” CBS was also asked if the network understood he was helping Blumenthal prepare reports on Libya for Secretary of State Clinton at the same time he was working with the network. Additionally, THE WEEKLY STANDARD asked CBS to clarify if Drumheller otherwise involved in the network’s coverage sensitive national security issues while he was also apparently working on Hillary Clinton’s behalf. Finally, CBS News was asked if they had done any internal review to determine whether Drumheller had influenced coverage in a way that may have unfairly benefited Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, since the public revelation of his conflict of interest. CBS did not clarify whether their statement that Drumheller was not involved “on the Benghazi story” referred specifically to the controversial Lara Logan report for 60 Minutes or CBS’s coverage of the Benghazi generally. The network was given an opportunity to address these specific questions and actively declined to expand on their terse statement.