It doesn’t take someone who is the equivalent of a General Douglas MacArthur to know the personalities mentioned by Hewitt.

Baghdadi, as in Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, is notorious around the world. His image is routinely splashed on the front pages of newspapers and on the nightly news. His organization, the Islamic State (or ISIS), has dominated headlines for more than year with atrocity after atrocity. It is possible that Baghdadi will be “gone” by the time the next president assumes office. (There are, for example, persistent unconfirmed rumors that Baghdadi has been seriously wounded or is otherwise in poor health.) But that shouldn’t stop Trump, or any other candidate, from knowing who Baghdadi is.

What’s especially curious about Trump’s answer is that he has made a big deal out of his claim that “nobody” would be tougher on ISIS than a President Trump. He has also claimed to have a winning plan: Take away ISIS’s oil.

But how can Trump be the best candidate to defeat ISIS if he doesn’t even know someone as infamous as the self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi? Hewitt didn’t ask about some obscure ISIS lieutenant, or even Baghdadi’s recently deceased #2. If not a household name, “Baghdadi” is close to it.