I haven’t seen a civil war like this on the right since the fall of 2008, when a number of conservative commentators suffered a severe backlash for arguing that Sarah Palin wasn’t qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Some of these conservative voices in the media are usually the agenda-setters when it comes to talking up Republican presidential candidates and disparaging the Democratic opposition. So they find themselves in the strange position of trying to resist a political tidal wave.

The problem is that they are strictly judging Trump on his positions, past and present, and pronouncing him insufficiently conservative. But The Donald is not running as a movement conservative. His populist approach draws elements from the right, center and left. Of course he’s going to flunk any litmus test.

And what the pundits are slowly learning is that his fans don’t have to agree with him on every single pronouncement and aren’t concerned about past changes of position. They are drawn to his blunt talk and successful business career. And when the media attack him over this or that incident, it seems only to make him stronger.