What do we make of polls that say that Clinton is an increasingly weak general election candidate? To be sure, there are new polls showing her trailing Trump, Bush and Rubio in Michigan and Florida. She only holds a slight edge in Ohio against Republican contenders and Bush and Rubio are beating her in Pennsylvania. Finally, the latest CNN/ORC poll shows her lead substantially narrowed for the general election over the Republican field.

But her support hasn’t completely collapsed and for those that say that elections are about trust — they certainly are to a large extent — but not entirely. We know this because if they were entirely about trust then her numbers would be a lot lower then they are.

Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six national elections and with 17 Republican candidates, and the specter of Donald trump looming above it all, it’s hard to believe that even a weakened Clinton would be unelectable.

Her path to the presidency is more challenging than expected. But unelectable? Almost certainly not.