— People aren’t paying attention. Let’s be honest here. Hill Navigator approached some of the best political minds and asked for details on some of their more egregious on-a-conference-call activities. (Anonymity was promised — we all have reputations as “serious listeners” to maintain.)

One former Hill staffer took a conference call while at a Vegas craps table. A digital strategist admitted to listening to two conference calls simultaneously, then giving an answer on one call that was intended for the other. One campaign staffer took her daily conference call in the shower; setting up a caddy, muting the line and turning the water off when she needed to speak. Another admitted to being on a call while “engaging in heavy foreplay.” People took conference calls while waiting in line for the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios, while sitting in a hot tubs and getting mani-pedis. One person sent his phone through an airport security machine with the call still going, then picked right back up after he went through.

Personal anecdotes aside, a survey of 500 full-time workers by InterCall found more than a quarter of respondents admitted to falling asleep during a virtual meeting. Other respondents admitted to making other phone calls, snacking, exercising or playing video games during their conference calls. Nearly half of the respondents admitted to using the bathroom during a call.