On the bright side of the 30-minute-long bathroom lines at an under-renovation Wrigley Field that forced desperate patrons to relieve themselves in empty cups and corners of the venerable old ballpark, at least they didn’t have to watch what unfolded on the field beneath them. …

Even if the construction delays on the new Wrigley are troublesome, its unveiling – from the 4,000-square-foot video board to the tarp featuring Ernie Banks that shielded the renovations in center field – was supposed to be momentous.

Instead, the stands buzzed with the same conversation throughout the upper deck and lower concourse: How long did you have to wait?

A 35-year-old fan named Daniel Diaz tried to take a picture of the crowd outside the men’s bathroom in the upper deck. “If I used panorama mode,” Diaz said, “I couldn’t have gotten the whole line in it.” Diaz and his girlfriend, Lynda Gallico, ran into the same issue: Bathroom closings created a bottleneck at open ones, causing them and others to miss multiple innings at a time waiting in line.