“There was a female meter/ticket person standing near me and when I looked at her she shrugged and shook her head and did nothing,” our source said of the disinterest paid to the glaringly obvious parking violation.

“As bad as it is to illegally park in a [handicapped] space, this is much worse because she blocked access to any wheel chair that day,” the tipster fumed, adding. “If a person in a wheel chair needed to cross they would have to go down the ramp on the 12th street side into traffic.”

The initial shock — “I remember thinking at first she must be just getting out of the car for a quick second, and then she just kept walking and then crossed over 12th street towards Hecht’s,” the tipster wrote — gave way to full-on rage as time marched on.

“After coming back from my meeting which was about 30-to-45 minutes, the car was still there,” the source shared. “I remember then and now how atrocious that was.”