Their tour has two upcoming dates in Texas (RFRA), then takes a jaunt through Louisiana (RFRA), then takes an extended trip through Florida (RFRA). Before heading into Canada, the tour touches down in Tennessee (RFRA), Missouri (RFRA), Kentucky (RFRA), and Arizona (RFRA). After they do a quick tour through Winnipeg, they’re back in the states with dates in Missouri again (RFRA), Illinois (RFRA), and Connecticut (RFRA). They end their tour in the safe liberal haven of California, where no one except the wildlife is protected. 

So, if they want to be consistent, which I’m sure Wilco does, since they clearly have such strong values, they’ll have to cut at least 20 states out of their tour, including their home state of Illinois. That leaves a few open dates in Ohio, Massachusetts and Colorado, but really makes it tough for Wilco to earn a living. But, like I said, its their right to boycott Indiana. They just might want to think about who else will be attending their concerts.