So Clinton knew the security situation in Libya was deteriorating before Benghazi, and she was told it was a premeditated terror attack two days afterward. Nevertheless, the Obama administration continued to insist it was not a terror attack and was merely the result of a spontaneous uprising in reaction to a blasphemous YouTube video.

It should also be noted that Blumenthal’s intelligence reports weren’t limited to the Middle East; they also dealt with the goings-on in Europe. Here Blumenthal had an interesting source:

Indeed, though they were sent under Blumenthal’s name, the reports appear to have been gathered and prepared by Tyler Drumheller, a former chief of the CIA’s clandestine service in Europe who left the agency in 2005. Since then, he has established a consulting firm called Tyler Drumheller, LLC. He has also been affiliated with a firm called DMC Worldwide, which he co-founded with Washington, D.C., attorney Danny Murray and former general counsel to the U.S. Capitol Police John Caulfield. DMC Worldwide’s now-defunct website describes it at as offering “innovative security and intelligence solutions to global risks in a changing world.”

The Gawker and Pro Publica report doesn’t delve into it, but Drumheller has his own political baggage. Drumheller briefly became a darling of the left after he told a congressional committee looking into the intelligence used to make the case for the war in Iraq that he knew sources the CIA was relying on regarding WMD in Iraq were flawed. After leaving the agency, Drumheller also wrote a book portraying himself as doomed hero who tried to warn his CIA superiors that the WMD intelligence was flawed. He was also interviewed by 60 Minutes and served as a source for the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer who emerged as one of the Bush administration’s toughest critics.