Joe Biden did manage to finish law school, despite being busted for plagiarizing a law review article, and I doubt many parents are saying to their kids, “Stay in school, and someday you could end up an affable laughingstock like the Vice President.” Barack Obama may have two Ivy League degrees, but his academic career is shrouded in mystery—which is usually not a sign of stellar grades. Democrats had a field day painting George W. Bush as dumb, and yet, only after the 2004 election did Kerry finally agree to release his military records. Those records contained a college transcript showing Kerry had a slightly lower grade average than George W. Bush when the two overlapped at Yale. (Oh, and military intelligence tests seem to indicate Bush has a higher I.Q. as well.) 

Insisting on academic credentials as a way of evaluating leadership abilities — let alone suggesting that being a few credits shy of an undergraduate degree is disqualifying — is so worthless that it boggles the mind that Democrats would even float this as a talking point. In fact, based on the 2014 mid-term results, Democrats’ inability to woo white voters without college degrees is starting to really hurt them at the ballot box. 

For decades now, America’s higher education system has ill-served Americans. If you can weld, you can land a job making six-figures tomorrow. If you recently acquired a B.A. in Sociology, well, can you tell me how you do that thing where you make the foam on top a latte look like a heart?