Democrats generally think the 2016 Democratic nomination is Clinton’s if she wants it, although she has yet to announce an official candidacy. In September, Biden made headlines for chasing Clinton here just three days after she made her Iowa comeback after a seven-year absence; she spoke before an audience of 10,000 and a horde of media at the Harkin Steak fry.

Biden’s event Thursday, like the one in September, will be an official White House trip to talk about the Obama administration’s economic policies. Biden remarks in September, with the Iowa Capitol in the background, had the air of a campaign stump speech, as he called for raising the minimum wage and making life better for the middle class.

Biden, 72, was here more recently, in late October, to campaign in Davenport for two Iowa Democrats running for federal office, Dave Loebsack, who was re-elected to Congress, and Bruce Braley, who lost his bid for U.S. Senate.