I can remember back when the liberal completely dominated the medium. Back in the late 1950s, the 1960s, even in the 1970s, there were people like Jerry Williams in Boston and Irv Kupcinet in Chicago. Now they are gone. Even when Al Gore summoned the left’s billionaires to subsidize talk radio with something called Air America the endeavor utterly failed. Talk radio is the domain of conservatives. So dominant are conservatives in radio that today talk radio has become a synonym for conservatism. “Talk radio,” the voices of the left admonish (there are no voices of liberalism remaining), “is the enemy of Obamacare, of holding hands with moderate terrorists, of the minimum wage.”

There are the golden voices of talk radio, the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the Levins, and dozens of others. Their understudies are in every city in the country where people pause in drinking their lattes or their eaux minérales to say, “Did you hear what Chris Plante (in Washington) said today?” Or in Chicago, “Do you think Mancow Muller  could run for the Senate or the House of Representatives”? Or—it could happen anywhere—“Should Rush run for the presidency?”

Frankly I am surprised by the dominance of conservatism on talk radio. There is nothing like this conservative dominance in television. To be sure there is Fox News, but the contagion has not spread to any of the networks. There and on CNN and on MSNBC the left presides as though all America were hanging on every word from Chuck Todd or from George Stephanopoulos. Rather than laughing out loud at their fatuities. Why have not conservative talk radio’s sages made a mark on the networks, CNN, and MSNBC, especially when Fox News is more lucrative than all the news organizations combined? Would not a profit-driven executive at network news or CNN want to broadcast Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin?