Palin has often been far more wily than her critics and vindicating the media even slightly when there’s been no real apology for the inexcusably vicious way they went about making their criticisms seems unneeded. Please do recall that the other option for VP in 2008 was Joe Biden, who after 36 years in the Senate was a well-documented liar of few real accomplishments, not to mention total buffoon. It’s kind of amazing we’re still debating Palin’s merits for public office when Joe Biden’s been VP for 6 years and has done things such as completely blow getting a status of forces agreement in Iraq, thus paving the way for ISIS, and the media shrugs and says, “Crazy Unca’ Joe’s at it again!” And as for all of the attention paid to Palin’s supposed white trash brood, remember that Joe Biden’s son Hunter was given a special waiver to join the Navy at age 43 only to be kicked out for doing cocaine at age 44. This is the same son who had rather questionable ties to a Ukrainian gas company. Despite being far more consequential problems then whether or not Palin’s kids got in a scrape at a snowmobile kegger, these scandals barely registered and media sure as hell hasn’t pointed many fingers at the Vice President for the decisions of his kids. With all the tabloid coverage of Palin and her family since 2008 her critics certainly act like they’re vindicated, but it’s telling they don’t even try to make the argument that Joe Biden was a superior man for the job.

Anyway, like Matt, I wish Sarah Palin had been able to show more poise and grow as a politician amidst being hysterically accused of not giving birth to her own child and shooting a congresswoman. I wish she had fulfilled her term as governor instead of cashing checks on the lecture circuit making corn-pone jokes and shallow observations.

But I still don’t feel I was wrong about Sarah Palin in that I felt comfortable voting for her in 2008. The real problem lies not with Palin so much as our slanderous media pursued someone they found threatening to their myopic liberal consensus so doggedly and cruelly that they undoubtedly had a hand in creating the problematic, tabloid figure she’s become all these years later. Maybe Palin isn’t entirely a victim, but because she seems to be an unsteady figure in 2015 it is by no means vindication for what her critics said and did to her in 2008.