After sitting through roughly 20 (so far) hours of me playing the new video game Far Cry 4 on my PS4, my long-suffering wife emailed me this purported game review of FC4 by the popular site AVClub.  I say “purported” game review because several paragraphs in, I still had not found a single sentence explaining whether the game was fun to play or not. Rather, the entire article serves solely as a screed against the ways in which the game’s narrative offends leftist sensibilities, to the point where one is left to wonder whether the author has ever played a video game before, or understands the entire point of video games or escapism in general. The stated objection to the game is its violence (NB – the game is in fact violent and responsible parents will keep it away from younger children), but a deeper examination reveals that the author does not object to violence per se at all, but merely violence of the kind that triggers the author’s racial/cultural/speciesist guilt. It’s offensive to my sensibilities that a review of a video game written by a liberal no longer needs to even engage the question of whether the game is good as a video game or not, but rather only whether it is sufficiently inoffensive to liberals or not.

It’s difficult being a consumer of popular entertainment as a conscientious conservative. Hollywood is so infested with liberals and Democrat activists that it’s difficult to go to a movie at all without feeling like you are contributing money to someone who will immediately turn around and donate it to either a Democrat or Planned Parenthood. Many companies are likewise entwined in Democrat or liberal organizations, and then there’s the increasing willingness of professional athletes to enter the fray. Faced with this myriad of potential pitfalls, many conservatives I know have thrown up their hands at the entire thing and declared that they don’t care and aren’t willing to try anymore. I’ve even heard some claim (falsely) that “boycotts are a left-wing tactic” as a way to excuse participating in any at all.