“Look, it is a great question and it’s one of the realities of changing warfare–is drones have changed how combat is conducted, it’s changed our capacity,” said Cruz, responding to the question. “There are advantages to that and risks to that. Now, drones it seems to me, are a tool. They are a tool that clearly can have beneficial impacts, in particular allowing us to project force without risking U.S. soldiers. But there are dangers as well.”

Cruz continued, “I am concerned a) domestically about the use of drones here at home and in particular we had fairly lively disagreements with the administration a year ago, asking the very simple question about whether a drone can use force against a U.S. citizen who doesn’t pose an imminent threat here at home. And the administration repeatedly and to my mind inexplicably refused to acknowledge that the Constitution prevents the federal government from using a drone against a U.S. citizen at home if he or she doesn’t pose an imminent threat. I think that’s a real concern. There are civil liberties concerned to American citizens here at home and privacy concerns that trouble me.