3. He’s the GOP’s answer to Elizabeth Warren on economic mobility.

Politics is all about timing. And since suffering his setback on immigration reform, Rubio quietly spent the last year delivering a series of speeches focusing on issues affecting Americans’ economic security. He talked about college affordability and educational opportunity, offered reforms to combat poverty, and cowrote an op-ed with Sen. Mike Lee of Utah touting a “pro-family, pro-growth tax reform.” It’s no coincidence that he’s coming out with a book next month offering some of his economic prescriptions—a clear sign of his future intentions.

Rubio’s decision to focus relentlessly on economic mobility stands out from his opposition. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s main claim to fame is his successful battles with labor in Wisconsin. Jeb Bush has continued to focus on immigration, even as the political winds have shifted. Rand Paul, in his bid to win over African-Americans and young voters, has championed drug-sentencing reform. All could be political winners in 2016, but they’re secondary to most Americans’ central concern—their own bottom line.