To find out what was causing the Web to drag, I sat down with the Akamai speaker who had made the comment about the slowdown, Mike Afergan, SVP and GM of the Web Experience Business Unit at Akamai. And he said that the reason the Web is slowing down for so many of us isn’t a problem with the Web itself, but with how many of us now use the Web.

Afergan said, “In technology we typically think about things getting better, cheaper, faster.. And then faster, faster, faster. And that’s kind of just generally our perception. For a given situation, a given hardware, a given connection, a given webpage, etc., things do get better and things have been getting better. But if you just think about how we’re interacting with this thing we call the Web today, it’s so much more situational and as you go through situations, whether it be devices, whether it be cellular, whether it be richer pages, whether it be more congested networks, that you actually see across many situations that the performance numbers are getting worse.”

This means that, as we’ve moved to a world where we are more likely to surf the Web from a mobile device, using a wireless broadband connection, we face the increased possibility that we’ll see performance problems that we wouldn’t see on a PC or laptop.