Why would they? The House and Senate Republicans leaders favor precisely the measures he took. They can huff and puff that he overreached, but they know they cannot get a similar measure passed in Congress.

So instead, when Congress returns to Washington after this Thanksgiving break, they will behave like the turkeys we all just carved up for dinner. They’ll do a song and dance, they will express their outrage, then they will fund Barack Obama’s amnesty plan.

They have no intention of stopping him.

But what they seem to clueless to realize is that they will only now further enable him. Because the GOP will not fight him on this issue — an issue they campaigned against during the midterms – there is no way they will stop him on anything else.

Republicans, by surrendering the fight preemptively because they do not want a shutdown, will now be Barack Obama’s enabler for even more massive government overreach by executive order.