There is one startling difference though. The GOP, since 2006, has engaged in a House cleaning due to its base. It has been challenged, people more connected to the ideals of limited government have come into power, and in 2014 we are going to see a more conservative House of Representatives with Cruz, Paul, Lee, Rubio, etc. still in the Senate.

The Democrats have seen the right of their party destroyed, the left of their party emboldened, and the heart of their party re-inforced. All that the public rejected on Tuesday is now the bedrock of the Democratic Party.

A party that won everything in 2008 and then doubled down on anger is never going to get to the final stage of grief and accept what happened. I hope the GOP and the conservative movement can break out of the anger that has so consumed so many of them. The American people are going to need one party with a smile and it looks like they won’t get that from the Democrats.

For the last six days, all the public has gotten from the Democrats is an honest view of what the Democrats really belief, i.e. they hold the masses in contempt, believe government is the answer, and if the public does not like that the public is a collaborator with the enemy.