Two stories of sexual assault, one relating the alleged assaults committed by a Hollywood icon at the dawn of the Sexual Revolution, the other relating a tale of alleged rape that was perpetrated two years ago, both in different stories on a major newspaper’s front page—I submit the Sexual Revolution is dead. Yet what will replace it? The Sexual Utopians’ beliefs are still around. Their promises of sexual hygiene, libidinous bliss, and, of course, their claptrap about the citizenry’s right to sexual satisfaction is enshrined in every sex ed curriculum in the country. Thus in early high school or perhaps even grammar school you have the harmless innocence of sex being taught, along with birth control cleanliness. Yet by the time a student gets to college the harmless innocence of sex has turned grisly: there are lectures on sexual harassment and there is rape counseling. Suddenly, sex is no fun. Possibly it is even unhealthy.

Could it be that the Sexual Utopians were wrong all along? Could it be that morality plays a role in sex? The male sex drive is usually aggressive and needs to be tempered. The female sex drive exists, but she has a right to say no, to change the subject, even to enjoy sex in a moral setting, for instance in marriage.

Such talk of morality’s role in sex is very old fashioned. It began to go out of fashion about 1960 when the Sexual Revolution began. Bill Cosby, now an old man, was a young man in those days. He married his present wife back in 1964 in the Roman Catholic faith. He was counseled by Father Carl Dianda who says today, “They were well matched.” For a marriage to last that long they had to be, but Bill was already pretty much a part of the Sexual Revolution. He went through his Hugh Hefner phase and later phases. In the Hefner phase he was very public about his interests. He went to Playboy mansions and disported with the bunnies, the starlets, possibly even Hef’s intelligentsia, the Sexual Utopians promoting the Sexual Revolution. Cosby today presents himself as a moral paragon, especially to blacks. Perhaps now he is. However, in times past he had endless affairs and at least one illegitimate child.