A slew of potential 2016 Republican candidates visiting the state this summer and fall have also echoed the message that Democrats are undermining America’s place in the world. And Brown has not wasted the opportunity to join in and exploit the Obama administration’s struggles overseas.

In ads, Brown never misses the chance to show Shaheen smiling alongside the president. Whether the focus is the danger of immigrants slipping across the border or the potential for ISIS to attack, Brown has found a resonating message in tying Shaheen to Obama’s blunders.
At the last New Hampshire Senate debate, Brown’s attacks on Obama’s management of the Ebola crisis and ISIS, not statewide issues, became the focus of the debate.

“What’s not responsible is for politicians to repeat ISIS talking points like they’re planning to plant a flag on the front steps of the White House,” Shaheen said as she accused Brown of “fearmongering” to win the race.