For instance, a disapproval of morality has been a staple of the Progressive Movement since its inception. The libertarian fetish of personal licence has long had a home within the Democrat party. It is Democrats, not libertarians who have waged the war on marriage as it has been recognized since the dawn of human history. It is Democrats that led the charge for legalization of marijuana (though many of we conservatives have become so jaded by the evils wrought under the guise of the War on Drugs that we were willing to go along with it.)

Left and right have a broad agreement that government surveillance has gone too far. While Justin Amash styles himself a libertarian, when not running for office as a Republican and acting like a petulant ass, Carl Levin is most assuredly not. The strongest voice for civil liberties on the Supreme Court is Antonin Scalia… who is not libertarian in practice or inclination.

More problematic is Gillespie’s assertion that the Millennials, whom he sees as the shock troops of this libertarian moment, are opposed to Obamacare and spending more money. There is really no evidence to indicate this is the case. Support for Obamacare is lower among independents, whom one must assume includes libertarians, than Democrats but nearly three times higher than among Republicans.The Millennial generation is more supportive of Obamacare than any other age group.