We learned a lot from a lot of people over our four years at GOProud, but one of the most important lessons we learned was from our late friend and ally Andrew Breitbart. Andrew was a conservative trail-blazer who preached the importance of not ignoring pop culture, Andrew wanted to take the conservative fight to every corner of this country and every medium. Andrew also taught us another valuable lesson. For most of our time in politics were constantly told “you can’t say that,” “you can’t do that,” “you might offend someone,” “what will people think,” and “that’s not the way we do things.” Then along came Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart did it his way–loud, fearless, and in your face. He inspired people like us to forget all of the old rules in politics–speak your mind, fight like hell and don’t waste one second worrying about what other people think about you.

And that is exactly what we did and it is exactly why we were so successful.

There are those who criticized us for being “too controversial”–the truth is the success of GOProud was premised on controversy. Indeed, the very idea of GOProud–a group of gay conservatives and their conservative allies–was controversial.

Like our friend Andrew, and like our friend and ally Ann Coulter, we understood that fighting the conventional wisdom and speaking your truth will always ruffle feathers. We are proud, that over the years, we ruffled a lot of feathers on the left and the right.