The man told police he made two additional stops between New Mexico and Oklahoma, where he attempted to ask the woman if she needed to exit the vehicle. After she failed to respond, he determined she was deceased.

Commissioner Green says the man used his cell phone to search what he should do with the woman’s body.

Apparently, what he read on the Internet convinced him to continue driving to Michigan. Warren Det. Sgt. Stephen Mills said the man determined via the Internet that he had 48 hours to present the body to a medical examiner.

The woman’s body remained in the passenger seat for the remainder of the drive. Police say he propped her body up and placed sunglasses on her face and a stuffed animal in her lap.

The man’s 92-year-old mother was also riding in the back of the van in her wheelchair. During the 26-hour drive she was not able to use a restroom. The air-conditioning in the van stopped working soon after they began driving.