Olson also isn’t willing to play political prognosticator, though he said we’d eventually see a GOP presidential candidate who is pro-gay marriage.

“That’s another one I don’t want to predict, but it’s just a matter of time; I’ll do everything that I can to help make that happen,” said the superlawyer, who walked the red carpet at Monday night’s Washington screening of the new HBO documentary, “The Case Against 8.”

One of the first issues that is explored in the documentary, which debuts June 23, is the political enigma that is Ted Olson. Olson, George W. Bush’s solicitor general who won Bush v. Gore, decided to join David Boies, Al Gore’s former attorney and Olson’s nemesis during the 2000 election case, to help gay couples in California get marriage back after Proposition 8, a ballot initiative, was passed by voters in 2008.