More common, in the case of conservative advocacy groups, it is that the conservative group has gotten a check from a major American corporation, other interested advocacy group, or has filled up its board with lobbyists who make money lobbying for the internet sales tax. These lobbyists have used their influence to steer the conservative group toward the pro-tax regime. They have helped steer conservative voices in that direction. They have embedded their crony capitalism into the heart of the conservative movement in an attempt to make it pro-tax.

Slowly, over time, corporate dollars plotting to shut down their smaller competitors, have hired Republican oriented lobbyists. These lobbyists have used, in effect, walk around money to shift organizational positions, votes in Congress, and talking points in favor of the big crony capitalists at the expense of smaller, entrepreneurial competitors.

From intentional influence and walk around money, the crony capitalists, lobbyists, and corporate interests moved on to calling in favors and relying on the good natured trust of friends in the conservative movement. People and groups who would have never supported an internet sales tax suddenly started shifting because they trusted the advocates and never saw the stream of money that had started the flow of misinformation, deceit, and cleverly crafted talking points and op-eds. Some of these outside people never knew they were getting played by friends on commission and some have gone so far over they’d never admit they were wrong or that they did get played.