What will Republicans do on immigration with a Senate majority? McConnell voted against “comprehensive immigration reform” earlier this year, but would he be willing to bring up a bill that included a path to citizenship? “I can’t imagine that a Republican Congress is going to be interested in giving the kind of bonus for an illegal entry,” he said.

What about a bill that stopped short of granting full citizenship but legalized the status of illegal immigrants? “I’m interested in the other parts of the bill,” McConnell said. “I think we ought to move to a merit-based legal immigration system and move away from things like country quotas and chain migration. There are improvements that ought to be made. I don’t think we’re there yet on border security. We’d be open to discussing the issue,” McConnell said. But, he added, such measures would be moved “in pieces,” not in a “comprehensive” bill.

On health care, Republicans will face a dilemma if they win a Senate majority. Will they pass a bill that both repeals Obamacare and replaces it with a conservative alternative? Or is it pointless to vote on a replacement plan until a Republican occupies the White House? McConnell didn’t give a definitive answer, saying, “we’ll have to see what it looks like. Our goal is to get rid of the entire thing.”