And while neither option likely interests your secular, non-religious co-worker, neighbor, or relative, all of them will go see something like Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. This is why I, as a Christian, am infinitely more excited about Noah than any other “faith-based” film in a long time – regardless of the theology or worldview found in it. I can actually talk to my non-Christian friends about it because they will actually pay U.S. currency (or BitCoin) to go see it.

At some point, people of faith have to start making things that other people actually want to see. Whether we’d like to acknowledge it or not, that will involve delving into gritty, real-world material.

Some of an older generation of Christians will frown at this. They were taught that movies are from Hollywood and Hollywood is wicked. Many have been unable to break free from this paradigm, even as technology and opportunity have changed the landscape of filmmaking. Some of a younger, less religious generation will roll their eyes with skepticism since all they’ve ever known is cheesy faith-based stories with sub-par production value.