This is great news, an example of the market and common sense working with consumers to give them more choice and better products that cost less. Men’s traditional shaving is shaving with a single blade inserted into a safety razor (it’s different from both modern plastic shaving and a straight razor, which is a step beyond safety razor shaving). Single-blade shaving cuts across political lines: traditionalists like it because it’s a throwback to a time when a man had to use something resembling a weapon to shave himself (and it’s a guy thing that, feminism or not, women can’t emulate); yet it’s also a reaction to disposable consumer capitalism, which pushes products meant to eventually break and need replacing. With the return of traditional shaving – also called “wet” shaving or DE, for “double-edged” shaving, – a man can make a fairly expensive initial investment and then pay pennies to shave for the rest of his life. His face will also look and feel a lot better.

The best way for the uninitiated to understand wet shaving is an analogy: it’s like the clothes you wear. Just as a tie reflects the personal preference of a man, traditional shaving is all about tailoring to the individual – it’s why every dude’s “shave den” has his personal stamp on it. There are a few basics, but after that you can experiment and mix and match to fit your own style.