And the White House is also promising that the enrollment website — — will be largely rid of problems by Nov. 30.

If those things happen, Reid may ultimately be able to hold off his party from piling on and clashing with the president. The White House had no such luck in the GOP-controlled House, where 39 Democratic lawmakers voted last week for a bill to allow insurers to keep selling existing health care plans. But if it’s clear vulnerable Democrats need cover from the health reform program’s rough launch, the party will try to coalesce around one of the many bills now submitted by Democrats to alter various portions of the law, leadership sources said.

“We’re moving pretty rapidly,” said Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), whose bill to fix the canceled plans issue has gained the most traction among Democrats. “This promise must be kept, and we’re working out the details.”…

“As they see this thing unraveling, [the White House and Senate leaders have] got to look for some ways to make it work. Everybody has to,” Manchin said. “You sit back and wait for the White House? I’m sure they’ve got their hands full right now, but someone’s got to take a leadership role here.”