The Republican Establishment has nothing to offer other than their demand that conservatives keep silent. They are apparently content to let Obama continue to ravage our economy and destroy our power to influence events in other nations. Yet conservatives in the House joined with their weak sisters in giving Speaker Boehner a standing ovation when the deal to reopen the government was passed.

And that’s the root of the problem. Boehner can fail and still be lavishly praised.

The Republican establishment isn’t only similar to the media and the Dems because they’re totally uncomfortable with conservatives. The other disabling factor is that the Republican establishment isn’t uncomfortable with big government. George W. Bush, the oxymoronic “big government conservative,” saw to that. The only difference between the Republican establishment and the hyper-liberal Obama establishment is a minor disagreement on the size of big government.

Congressional leaders have two big responsibilities: first, to craft strategies to control or influence legislation so that it will implement Republican principles; second, to persuade their fellow Republicans to unify around those strategies. If they cannot perform either of those jobs, it’s time to replace them.