Drawing long lines in Vegas, the ramen burger is the food phenomenon that won’t quit. So naturally, “What else can we make a hamburger bun out of?” fever is starting to sweep the country.

We’re not sure where else this trend will go (French fry buns? Pepperoni pizza buns?), but it’s off to a good start: Introducing Rockit Burger Bar‘s Mac Attack, an Angus beef patty housed between two deep-fried discs of creamy macaroni and cheese.

In Chicago, chef Amanda Downing serves the mac daddy burger with layers of crisp lettuce, thick tomato slices, chopped scallions and sriracha ketchup to give it a spicy-sweet kick—but of course, this beauty is all about the bun. We judge a good cheeseburger by how well the cheese melts, and this is the perfect way to get extra-oozey—and get a lot more of it! Plus, depending on how well you fry the mac discs, the crispness may hold up better than a traditional pillowy roll.