CNN embarrassed itself by falsely claiming that on the 911 call, Zimmerman had used an archaic racial slur to describe black Americans. In fact, as even the prosecution later admitted, he had used the word punks. At least the cable news channel did not resort to fraudulent editing though.

One of the other persistent flaws in the media’s coverage of the case against Zimmerman were reports claiming he was “white” when in fact, he is Hispanic, white, and also part black. For months on end, Zimmerman was repeatedly described as a “white Hispanic” even though other people of mixed race such as President Obama are never described as “white blacks.”

Additionally, left-leaning media were fond of repeating false statements favorable to the prosecution such as the claim that Zimmerman got out of his car despite being instructed to remain in it. In fact, he was already out of his car when the 911 dispatcher told him “we don’t need you to do that.” According to Zimmerman, he turned around and tried to return to his vehicle and was subsequently confronted by Martin. Biased outlets almost always ignored the evidence which clearly suggested that it was Martin who initiated their conversation and Zimmerman’s testimony that Martin initiated the violence. They also rarely reported the fact that Martin circled Zimmerman’s car while he was in it, looking at him menacingly.

Additionally, viewers and readers were repeatedly subjected to hours on end of speculation and hypotheticals about how the fatal confrontation could have been avoided–but only if Zimmerman had acted differently. The speculators never discussed how Martin’s father was providing almost no supervision to him, never talked about how the situation would have been prevented if Martin had not been suspended from school due to his own behavior. They also never discussed how the telephone evidence in the trial clearly indicated that Martin had more than enough time to return to his father’s girlfriend’s residence if he truly had been in fear of his life. Most Americans also likely were unaware of Martin’s admitted love of fighting.