What is extreme about Ken Cuccinelli, according to the Democrats, is that he shares your values. And if they can demonize and defeat him as an extremist, then they will have demonized and defeated you as extremist too. For if social conservative, family values are too extreme for Virginia today, they are too extreme for America.

Consequently, this is a Paul Revere moment, not just for social conservatives in Virginia, but across the entire country. Social conservatives nationwide should be hard at work raising money for the Cuccinelli campaign. McAuliffe is badly outraising Cuccinelli from liberal special interest groups nationwide. Cuccinelli and your voice may just be shouted down in the campaign this year. Cuccinelli must have the money to counter McAuliffe’s attack ads, or all will be lost.

Cuccinelli is not any more extreme than Ronald Reagan was. He has the exact same political philosophy and platform that Reagan did. He has been a consistent conservative not only rhetorically, but in his years of public service as a state senator and as Attorney General. He is running on a very strong tax reform plan, proposing to cut the personal income tax rate by 13%, from 5.75% to 5.0%, and the corporate income tax rate by 33%, from 6% to 4%, providing Virginia with the lowest corporate income tax rate of all 43 states with corporate income taxes. The plan would be financed primarily through a state spending cap, limiting spending growth to the rate of growth of population plus inflation, making the entire plan a major net reduction in taxes and spending relative to the economy. It is the most pro-growth economic plan in the entire history of the state of Virginia.