Do not disturb the chief executive, charged with taking care that the laws are faithfully executed, when there are reports and letters from members of Congress concerning the targeting of political opponents by his IRS, or when his Justice Department violates its own guidelines when going after the press, or when the implementation of his major legislative initiative is proving to be a train wreck.

It should be noted that today’s liberals are disturbed about some things. They’re disturbed about sexual harassment, politically incorrect speech, any resistance to the right to kill unborn babies, and Islamophobia, to pick a few items more or less at random. On these occasions, the Do Not Disturb sign is removed, and the front desk is bombarded with whining and insistent calls: Service, Now!

But in our republic we don’t have to answer the phone and hop to it when liberal elites call. They may occupy the fanciest suites, but we’re not relegated to serving as their concierge desk. And the president isn’t a wealthy patron whose wishes have to be heeded. He’s an elected official who can be checked by other elected officials in Congress. Here the people rule. The buck stops with the American people.