One of the strategies his opponents have tried to implement would change the state’s nomination process from a primary to a convention. Besides the potentially substantial implications for presidential politics, this might make it slightly less insurmountable for the anti-Graham contingent to get one of theirs in power. At the convention on Saturday, anti-Graham delegates tried to elect a different president of the convention and to allot more time for would-be party officials to give stump speeches. None of their efforts were successful, but it made for a chaotic few minutes, with delegates yelling and booing.

At one point, convention president Allen Clemmons had to bang his gavel and yell to bring the group back to order. “Ladies and gentlemen, we will have order!” he cried. “We are Republicans in this body! We will have order!”

After threats to eject hecklers, the crowd toned down a bit. And despite creative efforts at parliamentary maneuverings, the anti-Graham folks’ efforts were thwarted. When party chair Chad Connelly introduced Graham, it was to a mixed chorus of applause and boos.