I’ll wager not too may members of the Tea Party have read O’Neill’s book, nor GOP members of congress but I’ll wager plenty of people on the left have. They understand that if the GOP moves early, before democrats are on board, it becomes a party issue so they are going to do their best to force our hand before the facts are in evidence.

I suspect the facts on this case are going to be damning to this administration. The best thing the congress can do is to investigate and let these facts come out to the American people and watch the administration stall and cover up. The press already finds themselves split on this issue, only the most partisan seem willing to defend the IRS without question.

This morning Politico yes POLITICO reported in disbelief on MSNBC on the data being asked of TeaParty groups. As long as the conversation is about what the IRS did and if the White House co-operated public opinion will move. Right now that’s where the conversation needs to be.

The White House and their allies will do their best to wave the red flag in the hope we charge, instead we should sit back and let this scandal and the investigation cook.