But conservatives can’t be naive here. I’ve noticed some on the Internet lamenting that her seat will now surely be lost to the Democrats (highly doubtful), and others are even convinced that she’s the victim of some kind of GOP leadership conspiracy. Some have suggested that her problems stemmed from a lack of financial help from the national Republican Party.

All of this is untrue. If anything, Bachmann’s exit means that the conservative movement is about to be better-funded, because conservative small-donors won’t be spending over $10 million to re-elect her to a completely safe House seat every two years. Campaign money is a limited resource, and Michele Bachmann may hold a lifetime record for wasting it.

A few quick facts and figures on Bachmann:

-In 2012, she raised $14 million for her House race, nearly all of it from small individual conservative donors. That’s nearly ten times what the average winning House candidate raised.