GOP leadership is currently weighing four options for handling the gun bill, according to sources close to leadership.

The first is to send a Senate-passed bill to the House Judiciary Committee for a markup — the panel would very likely take its time and gut the bill. Second is to ask that committee to draft its own background checks bill, which would almost certainly create a product that hews closely to the NRA’s specifications. House leadership is likely to give the committee wide berth on whether gun control laws need to be bolstered.

Boehner could also completely ignore the Senate bill — an unlikely outcome, aides say. Or he could move it straight to the House floor — that would happen only if the situation gets too politically hot for House Republicans. So far, that is not likely to happen: Just a handful of Republicans, most prominently Rep. Peter King of New York, have been supportive of Toomey and Manchin’s compromise.